Hiiii!!! I’m Leah – Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. I’m the cook and photographer of Meal Prep Recipes. Rather than a long dull post about me, I figure it would be more fun to answer some questions that are usually emailed or sent as private messages.

Where are you from?
I’m Barbadian. I’ve been living in the UK since 2009.

Are you a chef? How did you get into food and cooking?
Definitely not a chef. I wanted to be a chef when I was little, and often preferred to read cookbooks as opposed to school books. 😉 I always had a love for food and experimenting in the kitchen. In 2015, I decided to share my kitchen experiments on this site.

Are you a Health coach? Would you be interested in being a health coach?
Noooo LOL. defo not a health coach and sorry, and little interest there.

Do you cook everything yourself?
Yep. I cook everything myself, except where I feature meals from someone else.

Do you use a camera or phone for your photos? What camera do you use?
I use both. I have a Canon 760D and a Huawei Honor 7.

How do you light your photos?
I either use natural sunlight or studio lighting that I got on eBay. They aren’t fancy and pretty cheap.

Are there any foods that you don’t eat?
I don’t eat animals that I met personally. 🙂 I stopped eating red meat at the start of this year, but I would sometimes cook it just to try a recipe. In those cases someone else would eat it. I would also try new dishes when travelling. But day to day, no red meat. I try my best to avoid processed food and store bought veggies & fruit. “As close as possible to its natural state” is my rule

What’s your favourite meal
When I figure out I’ll let you know. I’m inclined to gorge on anything with peanut butter though…and greek yogurt!!

Do you ever have cheat meals?
I trying to avoid planning a cheat meal because, for me, that would make it a regular thing. When I do ‘cheat’ it’s usually and excessive amount of peanut butter mixed with honey, greek yogurt, cinnamon and granny smith apples. Yes it sounds pretty healthy….but I let the gluttony take over.